Have you hired the right team?

At Global Patent Group, we believe that success in today’s competitive marketplace requires a team effort, especially if you are an innovator who has invested significant time and resources into developing a novel product. Innovative products not only require strong protection, they require a strategic approach that is integrated into the overall business plan. At GPG, we work as a team with our clients to ensure that they are in the best possible position to achieve a long-term return on their R&D investment. We go beyond the science to understand the competitive landscape and the overall commercial strategy. From there, we can work together to build the right intellectual property portfolio.

When you make GPG part of your team, you immediately gain access to an experienced staff of patent professionals and Ph.D. scientists with strong backgrounds in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, plant sciences, organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, and medical devices. Whether you are in early phase discovery or on the brink of launching a brand new product, GPG can help you protect your investment through an integrated IP strategy.  Who is on your Team?


Points to Consider

Intellectual Property Is Often at the Heart of the Deal

Whether you are a start-up company with an innovative new idea or a mature company with a large, complex portfolio of intellectual property, Global Patent Group understands the strategic importance of positioning your IP as a critical factor in evaluating opportunities such as joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions, and IPO’s. 

IP is often the most important asset prospective parties are evaluating. GPG has extensive experience preparing and managing due diligence exercises. We help our clients prepare an end-to-end strategy for a successful due diligence, beginning with the development of the portfolio, but beyond that, we can take a seat at the table and answer the tough questions that are always part of the due diligence process. And when you find yourself on the acquisition side of the table, GPG can help there too. We have successfully helped clients on both sides of the transaction. With GPG on your team you will have a strong advocate at your next due diligence.  

Rely on World-Class Expertise at Competitive Rates

Global Patent Group is dedicated to providing exceptional intellectual property services at significantly lower rates than most other IP firms. In addition to our competitive hourly rates we offer a number of billing options to help manage your IP budget including lump-sum, not-to-exceed, and flat-fee billing for routine services.

One of the services GPG provides that sets us apart from other firms is our approach to IP budget management. We will work with your team to develop an annual IP budget & forecast based on your specific portfolio and incorporating your business goals & objectives. Your budget will include all of the estimated costs for new patent filings as well as the predictable expenses such as annuities, examinations, and patent prosecution.   

For many of our clients Global Patent Group operates much like an in-house counsel, working with you to define and plan your strategic IP goals and objectives, establish an IP budget, and then execute on the plan, eliminating the need for frequent and confusing letters and emails from your IP counsel.